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Below is a summary of our joinery services.
  • English Oak Doors & Porches

    The central and often main element in the façade of a house is an English Oak Door; comprising beautifully grained timber and often hand wrought ironmongery which adds a unique feel to the property. Its heavy weight gives a satisfyingly secure quality coupled with outstanding weather-proofing and durability.

  • English Oak Windows

    From solid oak mullioned windows to delicate traditionally made box-sash windows, designed to keep out the lashing winter weather, our timber windows are a thing of great beauty, complimenting the look of a period or contemporary property. All windows feature traditionally made dove-tailed tenon joints and the latest glazing technologies. English Oak is extremely durable; its grain a thing of great beauty- seemingly telling a story of where a tree has grown.

  • English Oak Kitchens

    It is the attention to detail that produces that classic feel. Accurately measured and jointed to perfection, our hand-cut dovetailed drawers are a speciality. Often from a cabinet maker’s perspective, it is the detail and the bits that you cannot see that really count unlike mass-produced examples. Beautifully grained kitchens, combined with stainless steel or granite work surfaces- the ultimate in durability

  • Rustic Reclaimed Pine Kitchens

    Made from 19th Century reclaimed pine floorboards when available. Crafted to look as though you have a fitted kitchen from the Victorian period; with all the Victorian patina retained.

  • Painted Kitchens

    No man-made materials are entertained in these designs. Made from solid timber throughout; despite being painted.

  • English Oak Staircases

    A staircase of warm oak treads is a feature of a hall and also the first piece of internal joinery viewed when entering the property. Therefore its importance cannot be understated.

  • Green Oak Carpentry

    Heavy Oak Carpentry has been used for centuries but is now used in a different way with glazing. This kind of extension to a property makes a statement; as well as being realistically priced. From large building oak frames, to porches, conservatories to glazed green oak frames, we do it all.

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